Redtail Vineyard and Winery

Redtail Vineyard welcomes you to Prince Edward County. We hope to offer the wine lover the intimacy of our “off-grid” winery, as you taste your first sip of our ruby red or our wholesome white wines. We offer the pastoral scene of conserved farmland in the heart of Prince Edward County, fondly referred to as “The County”, a beauteous and protected area that maintains its rich bounty of nature, despite the season.

We are in our infancy, but our feet are firmly planted, and we are sure to grow. Come and share in the journey.

At Redtail Vineyard we want to produce wines which are the best expression of our unique Terroir, while doing all we can to preserve the environment.

Canada’s only truly “green” winery, being “off-Grid” and following organic practices in the vineyard and the winery.

Sun, soil and organic practices help craft Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir from grapes grown on the property. We also offer County Chardonnay and Riesling.

Prince Edward County Wineries

The ONLY Off Grid Winery on the County

During the early planning stages for the winery we decided to go “off-grid” and use a combination of solar energy and geothermal. This gave us the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint – Redtail Vineyard’s winery is able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 55 kilograms per year.redtail vineyard off grid

Our solar array of 6 panels, at 170 watts each, produces 1.02 kW per hour of light. Energy in excess of our usage is stored in 8 deep-cycle batteries which can hold 11 kW/hr of storage. A 240 volt inverter converts the direct current energy to alternating current. Our energy requirements, if every electrically driven device was in operation, would be just under 1 kW/hr and, from the batteries, we could run for 3 days without bright sunlight.

Hot water for the winery is provided by an on-demand propane water heater and the heat portion of the furnace is also propane. The electrical requirements of these two appliances as well as all pumps, motors and lighting are satisfied by the solar system[/tab] [tab title=”Totally Organic”]prince edward county organic wineryRedtail Vineyard is a totally “green” operation. For full autonomy, our winery is powered by a custom-designed solar system with no connection to the hydro network. The barrel vault is heated and cooled by a system similar to those used 100 years ago for root cellars. And to keep our white wines cool, we use a restored ice box that dates from the early 1900s. In the vineyard, we grow our grapes using organic products only. No chemicals. Organic practices are also in place in the winery. Our wines are truly a gift by Mother Nature, every vintage. Come and taste with us

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422 Partridge Hollow Road, RR3 – Consecon


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