Many generic sites, like Tourist Information websites will tell you how many daily visitors they get to their website to try to entice you to list with them, because all of those site visitors will see your business listing.. RIGHT?…. WRONG…The tourist information websites may well get many daily visitors but these visitors could be looking on the site for a multitude of reasons like to see what’s happening on Prince Edward County or where to stay/eat etc and they may never even click into the business directory section of the site, so just because a website is getting a lot of daily visits, it doesn’t mean that they are going to look for your listing.

What you need is a DEDICATED BUSINESS DIRECTORY WEBSITE that will attract potential clients specifically looking for business information and not directions to the beach, and that can find you from search engine searches.

Most of the business listings on these sites use clickable email links which increase spam emails sent to you… did you know that clickable email links can be harvested by spam bots? These are used by spamming companies to send you all of that junk mail. This is a BIG NO NO and they shouldn’t be used. The best way to avoid spam and have an instant “Call to Action” for your product or service is to use an on-line form with an anti-spam Captcha Defence that sends website inquiries direct to your email address without displaying your email address, (this way, your email address is private and cannot be harvested and sold to spam companies). Clickable emails can also cause errors and confusion for people using computers that do not have local email software installed and only use webmail. This could stop potential leads..


We offer 2 packages that will suite all budgets both offering an amazing list of features that you won’t see anywhere else.